Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Be The Best Mom You Can Be From A to Z in 2008

Happy New Year! Here it is 2008, we have decided to use our experience and our wisdom to help Moms be the best they can be this year. This site is started by Ellen Mongan a mother of seven children and a Christian writer and speaker, as well as her daughters, Tarolyn and Amanda. As mothers, we all need someone to turn to for ideas and information on raising children the best way we can. Our goal is to make this happen. Check our site daily for ideas to entertain your kids and keep your sanity as a mom, while at the same time raising your children in a Christian environment. We plan to offer different types of tips each day. Each week will be centered on a letter to help teach your children the alphabet.

Monday: Scripture and Attribute for the Week
Tuesday: Creative Play/ At-Home Activities
Wednesday: Places To Go
Thursday: Books to Read/Products to Try
Friday: Other Things to Do and Learn
On the weekends, we may offer new photos or something funny that day.

Since the New Year starts on a Tuesday, we still wanted to add an Attribute for the week. This week we can focus on our Attitude. As moms, sometimes it's hard to keep a positive attitude. But, the Bible teaches: "Finally, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, affectionate, compassionate, and humble." (1 Peter 3:8). Our children are always watching us. We should make it our goal to always be positive in our relationships with them and with others. Often, when I am angry at someone, I will work on being extra positive and nice to that person, and it's amazing how doing something so simple can take away the anger and replace it with an even more positive attitude. So, let's focus, this year and this week, on how we can be the best moms in 2008.

Here's today's activity tip:

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"... Vow today to have a healthy New year. Focus on making healthy, kid-friendly snacks and meals. You can start in small ways. Did you know McDonald's now sells apples? Buy them instead of fries.

Here's a fun activity to share with your children as you encourage them to eat a healthy snack: Draw a picture of an apple and have your child paint it red, using markers, crayons, or paint. If you're not that creative, you can print a picture of an apple off the computer and let your child color it. If you're feeling really creative, you can use the flat-side of a halved apple as a stamp (dip the apple half in red paint and press onto white paper). After finishing your craft, cut an apple and have apples and peanut butter as your healthy snack to start the New Year off right. Apples are a great alternative to chips and can also be used to teach your child about fractions or parts to a whole. You can even use the painted apples as a place mat. If you have a laminating machine, this would work out great; if not, just hang your child's art on the refrigerator to remind the whole family to eat healthy in 2008.

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