Friday, September 5, 2008

Balancing Friends and Ministries

Dear Moms,

The fifth area of balance--friends or ministries--requires the most prayer, planning and prudence. The tendency, as we well know, is to neglect God, Husband, Children, and Home, so we can either, be with our friends, or serve in a ministry. This is true, Mom, isn’t it? I promise you that there is hope because a well-balanced, Godly woman will have room on her plate for all six areas of importance, but it takes time to get that healthy balance. Did you know that we are accountable to God on “DID YOU LOVE ONE ANOTHER?” Who are the main people we are called by God to love? That would be our husbands, our children, our parents, and our siblings.

I heard a pastor one time say, “TO ME, FAMILY COMES FIRST.” He went on to say, “I don’t want to win the whole world to Christ, and lose my son.” Those few words stuck with me for life. It really encouraged me to always remember what is most important and to always keep my priorities straight.

So do we give up all our friends, be a slave to our husband, a servant to our children and a prisoner to our home with our face in the Bible and at Church every time the door opens up? No, No and DEFINITELY NO! God came to set us free. Remember the Bible verse, “WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS THERE IS LIBERTY.” As we learn the art of Balance, there is plenty of time for, “GIRLS WHO JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN.” We just have to sit at the feet of Our Savior, learn His still small voice, and learn to walk in His ways.

If you only knew me ,you would know how important friends are to me. You see I’m a FOREVER FRIEND, which means that I keep my friends for life, and I have over 500 people on my Christmas list to prove it. I tell them that they can only get off my Christmas list if they die. I believe that everyone needs close, supporting friendships. In fact, for the past twenty years, I have been going on retreat with the same three girlfriends twice a year. This satisfies a spiritual need, as well as a friendship need. They have been with me in all seasons of life, the ups and the downs, and have prayed me through it. I have lunch with some of my retreat sisters monthly. I also have two prayer partners, which I connect with, for daily prayer. They are very dear to my life and I can’t imagine life without them. My husband and I have Couple Friends that we get together with socially. The Bible says, “A FRIEND IS A FRIEND AT ALL TIMES, BUT IT IS ADVERSITY THAT MAKES A BROTHER.” Even Jesus called his disciples Friends. I’m sad when I see a young mother give up all her friends to serve her family. Do you remember , “ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JOHN A DULL BOY?” If you want to grow as a whole person, you must keep friends in your life, because except for God and family, they are the only ones that love you enough to speak the truth to you, in a way you will be able to hear it.

Ministries are equally important in a Christian Woman’s life. Ministries give you a chance to use your gifts. Sometimes they give you a chance to discover you gifts. Yes, sometimes you will discover a gift that you didn’t know you had,;other times, you will discover that you don’t have a gift that you thought you did. Serving in a ministry is a growing experience; it will grow your gifts, as it grows you as a person.

It is a tremendous CONFIDENCE BUILDER, especially for a stay-at-home mom. I always had a ministry of some sort that I served at, all through my child raising years. I had a Dance Studio in my home where I taught Ballet, Creative Movement and Interpretive Dance. I didn’t charge, but rather accepted Love Offerings. We even had yearly Recitals. I taught Parenting Classes at the local Care Pregnancy Center, which I still do. Lastly, I am a Christian Writer and I sell as well as give a lot of my material away. So if you haven’t found the ministry that God has hand picked for you, PRAY and ask God where you can serve. You will know when you are in the right ministry because it will bring you GREAT JOY, a fruit of the Spirit by the way. You will be a Blessing to the ministry you choose and they will be a blessing to you.

So Gals get busy balancing your life, because there is work to be done. In the midst of it, don’t forget that there is time for, “Girls Who Just Want To Have Fun.” Always Remember, you are not alone on finding this balance; God will help you as you seek His Face. I have to close now because I have to meet my Baby Girl at the Gym!


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