Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Funny Things Kids Say...

Dear Moms,
Kids say the darnest things. Years ago I wrote a book called, FUNNY THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES.” I encouraged moms to write down the funny things their children say while it is fresh in their minds. Years down the road you won’t remember who said what, especially after multiple children. This week I am going to share a couple of these cute funnies from each chapter. The last one I’m going to share is not from the book, but from my grandaughter Bella. Yes, you grandma’s out there write down all those cute things your grandchildren say.

Children are wonderful and at times they are even wise. Their wisdom of course is on a whole different level than ours. Sometimes it makes sense to them, and we might even be able to see how that works. However it doesn’t always line up with the real world. These are the kind of things that I call, “WEE WISDOM.” It is cute how old they seem when they are really quite small, yet wise beyond their years. Here are some wise thoughts from the wee ones.

Amanda, Age 7
Said, “MOM how come make-up makes you look younger when you put it on, and makes me look older when I put it on?”

Laura Age 5
My niece Laura was spending the month of July us and had the problem of losing her shoes. We were on vacation and traveling by car. After going thru four pairs of shoes all lost in the car, I told her she needed to look for her shoes. Laura replied, “Aunt Ellen, we are on vacation and vacation means a break from the every day routine of life, so I can’t look for my shoes.”
Now mom who can argue with wisdom like that?

Kaitlin Age 3
Kaitlin was watching TV with me and I said, “ Kaitlin, would you rather mom have a baby or you be mom’s baby?” Kaitlin smiled and said, “ I want you to have another baby.” Then she thought a moment and added, “ How about if we don’t have a dad and we have a baby?” Mom answered, “Kaitlin, you can’t have a baby without a dad.” The Kaitlin said angrily, ’BUT MOM, DAD DOESN’T WANT A BABY.”

Out of the mouth of babes !!! What are your little Blessings saying to bring a smile to your face and help you put the Christmas Rush in perspective. Treasure the moment because they won’t be little forever. Share with us all. We could all use a good belly laugh.

That's it; I’m exhausted, ELLEN

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