Friday, August 15, 2008

More Family Fun

Dear Moms,

Every family is different. That’s a good thing, by the way. So part of having family fun is finding out what is sure to be a “GOOD TIME” to your family members. Then, individually design the day to make the most people happy, always keeping in mind that “YOU CAN PLEASE SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME, BUT YOU CAN'T PLEASE ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME.” Sometimes, the greater blessing goes to the person who is making the sacrifice of doing an activity that they dislike to build family. All family members will take a turn, taking one for the team. ALL for one and one for all!

My husband, for example, is not a beach lover , yet he rents the family a beach house every year. What does he do while we are all enjoying fun in the sun and swimming in the pool? He is busy doing his yearly puzzle. Don’t feel sorry for him; there are many family members who help him, and it provides great “DAD and Me” time on the beach trip.

Our family is a very physical family. That means that when we get together and are not watching football on the big screen, we are participating in a family sport. We enjoy volleyball, badminton, and boating together. Yes, we have even been known to play touch football on Thanksgiving day as a family. All of our children participated in sports in school. We would go as a family to cheer them on.

Our family, believe it or not, loves to cook together. So for holidays or special occasions, you can find us whipping up something gourmet to feast on and fellowship around. Boys and girls alike join in the fun of cooking together as a family. Lastly, we have Sunday dinner at seven o’clock every week. After cooking together, eating together, talking together, we may be found playing a game together, or even teaching the children how to play bridge. If we get bored, there is always the Wii or the Nintendo to entertain us. What happens if there is a Georgia vs. Florida game? Of course, all life stops and all Mongans are glued to the TV.

Now what is family fun to you? If you haven’t been able to get some “GOOD TIMES” rolling, call a family meeting and put your heads together; put all ideas on the table. Give everyone a chance to share. I’d like to hear from you! What has worked and not worked in your family? Suggestions anyone?


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